Tevun is just a set of scripts made to run docker-compose projects in remote servers. It combines docker, docker-compose and git to automate tasks in your server = )
Tevun is a set of scripts intended to make life easier for developers and sysadmins in general.
It combines docker, docker-compose and git to automate tasks such as uploading containers, configuring reverse proxy, configuring SSL, and more.
After setting up Tevun on your server you can upload an environment that applies your development docker-compose and configures a virtual host for your LetsEncrypt SSL-enabled domain quickly and simply.
Each created project generates a remote git that is already pre-configured to publish the application to the destination directory.
That way we can configure the scripts to publish our changes in our stage or production environments.
We recommend this project to people with some experience with terminal, git, linux, docker and docker-compose. If you already uses docker-compose in your development environment Tevun can make sense to you ; )


Last modified 2yr ago
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